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MIDTERM activities and assignments WEBDEVT March 5, 2009

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*sir! eto po yung list ng gawa ko. sir please do inform us kung nacheck nyo na po kung ok na po. Thanks po.*

AS1 – PHP CRUD http://hikaru011.site90.com/webdevt

AS2 – PHP CRUD –  http://hikaru011.site90.com/webdevt

EX1 – PHP CRUDhttp://hikaru011.site90.com/scaffold

AS3 – PHP CRUD AJAXhttp://hikaru011.site90.com/crud

PRE1 – Google Maps API – groupmates: Aaron Tan, Ivy Casil, Lex Peregrino

AS4 – Google APIshttp://hikaru011.site90.com/googleapi

AS5 – PHP CRUD with Form Validationhttp://hikaru011.site90.com/validation

EX2 – Live Validationhttp://hikaru011.site90.com/beta-testing

AS6 – Deploy Drupalhttp://hikaru011.site90.com/drupal

AS7 – Demonstration of a PHP Sessionhttp://hikaru011.site90.com/session

ME –  MidTerm Examhttp://hikaru011.site90.com/social


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