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REACTION BLOG: http://www.catb.org/~esr/writings/cathedral-bazaar/ December 11, 2008

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Introduction: Why You Should Care

When I first browse this site, I was confused. I was like loss. Haha! I can’t see any connection of what hackerdom and stuff with wordpress e-commerce that we are all currently doing that time. It was like new stuff that we should read and blog about. And so I read it. The first sentence that captures me is “why should I care?” yes definitely that’s what I feel. What should we all care? It’s all about hackers, their behavior and cultures. As I read the introduction part, I learned that hackerdom is not computer stealing and stuff. Before I thought hackers are the one who are so great computer genius that can run the computer world. Yes they were like that but not so true with the stealing part. Hackers are great people. They are the smart people that start and build up the computer world, the world that we have today. Every day we go to certain changes in our lives, we evolve. And we know for a fact that computer and IT go to these phases almost what, everyday? The site http://www.catb.org/~esr/writings/cathedral-bazaar/introduction/ is the introduction part of the book. It says here that the book is a collection of essays about hackerdom. Maybe in the later part we will or I will learn the real and true essence of hacker. J

Prologue: The Real Programmers

As the title says Prologue: The Real Programmers – means that this chapter is all about the introduction or birth of the programmers. In this chapter, programmers are being described. The evolutions of programmers are also discussed in this chapter. Early programmers usually came from Engineering and Physics background. They were not classified as “programmers” or “hackers” until 1980’s.

The Early Hackers

When I hear the term hacker, I always think of this as someone who hacks computer files and stuff. But when I read this chapter, I realized that the word “hacker” has a deeper and more sensible meaning. Hacker is not just computer hacking. Almost all of us think that computer hacking is like being geeky about computer and stealing stuffs or reading bits and bytes for stealing. Well for me that was I believe in.

In this chapter, you will learn that MIT’s computer culture seems to have been the first to adopt the term `hacker’. The Tech Model Railroad Club’s hackers became the nucleus of MIT’s Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, the world’s leading center of AI research into the early 1980s. Their influence was spread far wider after 1969, the first year of the ARPAnet.

In my other class, I learned that ARPAnet is the first internet. Well basically, internet is really the beginning of all these things. Internet starts all. Without the internet, hacker and stuffs will not arises.


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