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Chapter 16 November 5, 2008

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Chapter 16 is the conclusion chapter of getting real. Basically, this part summarizes all the chapters of the reading. It recalls on how to start your app, how to handle the people, how to multi task, etc. The first chapter tells that getting real starts on how to create a software backwards. Meaning creating first what will the end user will see or experience rather than starting with what the user will not be able to appreciate. The book also tackles on how to handle your people. Every people in the team should be working. Working in a way that a programmer should not always spend his time in front of the computer screen but he should also have knowledge on how to talk to clients. Every one on the team must multi task. It is also said in the book that a small company and small software has an advantage over big company and big software. There are a lot of insights we can get from this book. After reading and understanding all of the terms and insights in this book, you can now start your engines and build your own software.


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