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Chapter 15 October 30, 2008

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To summarize it all up, this chapter talks about a few more steps before launching your
application. The first and second link talks about pre-launching the application. Getting Real
tells us readers that we should have a One-Month TuneUp before launching your application. You
have to test your application in order to tell whether the application is up and running.
With this kind of pre-launch, at least you still have time to may minor changes before the grand launch

The second link talks about not making “beta” an excuse. This link focuses on the word
imperfection. Getting Real tells us that we shouldn’t be wasting our time perfecting our application,
because it will never happen. There are no such thing as a perfect application. We cannot satisfy
every people. Some may think that this looks good with your application, others may say that it doesn’t.
Perfect Applications is a fantasy.

As I said in awhile ago, you cannot please everyone. There will come a time wherein
bad comments will arrive. You just have to “ride the storm”. Do not let them get to you. Do not ever
let them bring you down but use them as a motivation to keep you going. To help you make a better

The next link talks about knowing who your competitors are. You have to know them too so that,
you too may get some tips which will help you with your application. I am not saying that you will
get his/her idea. I am just saying that you may learn from your competitors. To learn from them,
Getting Real suggests that you, as an application maker, should indulge yourself with other applications
which may help you track your competitors.

Lastly, keep an open mind!:) With this kind of mindset, you are not just focusing yourself to this kind
of system. At least, when new trends show up, you are aware of it.


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