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Chapter 14 October 29, 2008

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This chapter basically tells us on what way we should build our product and how to control it after release. In the first part, feel the pain, it says there that when building something, you as a member of the team, should be aware on what is really happening around. When you are a programmer, it is also necessary that you have knowledge about the design of the product, who is your customers, what is the scope of your product, etc. As a programmer, your job does not end on coding alone. You should also know how to deal with the clients and other stuff that your group does. In dealing with your customers, you should be polite. Releasing the product is not the end of your project life cycle. You also need to support the users or your clients. You should guide them properly on the basics like how to use or run the system. Manuals are often comes hand in hand with any product that we purchase. It is where we can read on how to use what we bought. In this chapter, it is said that try building a zero manual product. It means that build a product that is so simple and user friendly so that customer can easily get used to it. But I think when you build a product that has no manual; you should open your lines for customers’ tons of questions. You don’t need to please them just be honest and just answer up straight. For example, you experiencing some technical problems, you should inform your customers right ahead before they start to panic and believe me it will cause your company a lot of troubles and worries. But when you think that it is more work loaded when you set up a huge technical support center, you can just open up a forum online. There a customer can post his own reaction over the product and can also advise other customer.


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