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Chapter 13 October 19, 2008

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Basically, this chapter tells us application builders, to formally and beautifully, tell
the people about your application. In order to do so, Getting Real suggests that we should
go from a teaser, to a preview then launch. Hollywood style! With this kind of style, it
will attract people at the same time, you will know if your application clicked or not. At
least, you haven’t actually released your application yet. Instead of releasing it without
knowing if it will click or not. Like what Getting Real said: “If an app launches in a forest
and there’s no one there to use it, does it make a noise? The point here is that if you
launch your app without any pre-hype, people aren’t going to know about it.ut any pre-hype,
people aren’t going to know about it.”

You should also need a powerful promo site in order for the people to know what your application
can do. Based on Getting Real, you need the following in order to have a powerful promo site.
The following are:

*  Overview: Explain your app and its benefits.
* Tour: Guide people through various features.
* Screen captures and videos: Show people what the app actually looks like and how to use it.
* Manifesto: Explain the philosophy and ideas behind it.
* Case Studies: Provide real life examples that show what’s possible.
* Buzz: Testimonial quotes from customers, reviews, press, etc.
* Forum: Offer a place for members of the community to help one another.
* Pricing & Sign-up: Get people into your app as quickly as possible.
* Weblog: Blogs keep your site fresh with news, tips, etc.

After doing all that, you now need to put up a site wherein people can enter their email
addresses if they are interested with the application. With that kind of foundation, you can
go rolling anytime. You can also put up a site where people can learn on how you came up with
the application.

Last but not the least, give your application a name wherein it will forever be stuck on
people’s minds. It should be a catchy one and easy to remember. Getting Real suggests that
it should’nt be too descriptive. The shorter, the catchier, the more memorable, THE BETTER!:)


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