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Chapter 12 October 13, 2008

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Free Sample

Basically in order to attract customers, you should entice them. An example given in the reading is apple itunes. Itunes is free software that you can download in the internet. In this strategy, Apple also commercializes or advertises their product, I pod.

Easy On, Easy Off

From signing in and signing out from a site, it should be easy. Most people prefer fast and the simplest app.

Exit with Ease

Don’t hold users against their will. If they want to leave, let them pick up with all of the content they created while they were on your site and leave…for free… You have to let the barn door open and focus on keeping your customers fed, so they want to come back, instead of coming back because they’re stuck

Silly Rabbits, Tricks are for kids

Avoid long-term contracts, sign-up fees, etc

Don’t try to find “tricky” ways to get more cash. Earn it.

A Softer Bullet

When you are about to deliver bad news, make it as painless as possible by making plenty of advance notices.


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