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Chapter 10 October 8, 2008

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Less Software

“.. Keep your code as simple as possible.” When you keep on revising, the more complex and complicated your product will be. Remember that you have a scope and in that scope are the limitations and main purpose of your product.

  • Less software is easier to manage.
  • Less software reduces your codebase and that means
  • less maintenance busywork (and a happier staff).
  • Less software lowers your cost of change so you can adapt quickly. You can change your mind

without having to change boatloads of code.

  • Less software results in fewer bugs.
  • Less software means less support.

Optimize for happiness

It is important that when you work, people should be comfortable. When you use a language, you must think if your people can really work on it. If the workers are comfortable, they can write simply and readable codes. They can execute it properly and surely they can really do their job well.

Code Speaks

Listen up

“Don’t worry about design, if you listen to your code a good design will appear…Listen to the technical people. If they are complaining about the difficulty of making changes, then take such complaints seriously and give them time to fix things.”

Open Doors

“Don’t try to lock-in your customers. Let them get their information when they want it and how they want it.:


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