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Chapter 9 October 1, 2008

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Interface First

Design your interface first. Basically start with what people are going to see and use. Designing it does not necessarily coding and doing it in the computer. You can use paper and pencil to come up with a design that people would love to see.

Epicenter Design

Start with what is really essential. In the example from the reading, when making a blog post, start working with the blog itself rather than doing the sidebars, headers, etc. Do the essentials first before the extras.

The three state solution

  • Regular
    The screen people see when everything’s working fine and your app is flush with data.
  • Blank
    The screen people see when using the app for the first time, before data is entered.
  • Error
    The screen people see when something goes wrong.

The Blank Slate

Here are some reasons why you need to include a blank slate:

  • Use it as an opportunity to insert quick tutorials and help blurbs.
  • Give a sample screenshot of the page populated with data so people know what to expect (and why they should stick around).
  • Explain how to get started, what the screen will eventually look like, etc.
  • Answer key questions that first-time viewers will ask: What is this page? What do I do now? How will this screen look once it’s full?
  • Set expectations and help reduce frustration, intimidation, and overall confusion.

Get Defensive

When you launch something, surely it goes under several testing. But the fact is customers can still encounter problems. The defensive design is somewhat compared to defensive driving. Defensive driving is when you keep any eye for any problems you might encounter while driving. Defensive design is like keeping an eye for any problem you can encounter that can cause visitors confusion and frustration.

Remember: Your app may work great 90% of the time. But if you abandon customers in their time of need, they’re unlikely to forget it.

Copywriting is Interface design

Good writing is good design. When you design, basically designs are not just animation, features, effects, pictures, etc. Letters are automatically involved. Some of the developers think that if they use jargon or highfaluting words, people may tend to think that they are unreachable. People can get confuse. Try using language that all of us can understand so that confusion won’t take place.

One interface

Most of the companies develop an admin screen, which is use for updating, edit, delete, etc. and the user screen, the one that people can visit. Having two different screens can encounter several problems like tax, etc. If you only have one screen that can be use, it is much better because the fewer screens you have to worry about, the better they’ll turn out.


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