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CHAPTER 7 October 1, 2008

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Most companies have different departments. Each department has specialization. It is true that if one has a smaller task, he can do it well and sometimes perfect. But it also creates a situation where staffers see just their own little world instead of the entire situation. The people or your workers should have unity in them so that they can create harmony. Having a harmony in the work area may avoid lack of knowledge and can lead to delivery of better performance.

Alone Time

Most of us get our work gone when we are not bothered by others, when we are in the mood. The alone time is when no one is bothering you and then you can do whatever your tasks are. We you get in the zone, it is where you are very passionate about what you are doing.

It is important that each of us have this “alone time”. In your work, give yourself like 4 hours to be alone. Shut up and start working. Receive no calls and text, talk to nobody. In this set up you can surely get your job done.

Meetings are Toxic

In every business or company, we often hear the word meeting. Business meeting occurs when there are certain factors in the business are not clear. Meetings usually take an hour or more. You can actually hear presentation of new projects, defenses and even debates. But after the talking part, that is the only time when people start working. Instead of spending an hour or more in dull meetings, try to use this time to go into action. Be productive.

Meetings are not avoidable. But it can be modified. Try communicating via YM or texting rather than spending time debating. Just be straight forward. If it is really necessary to meet personally, have a 30 minute meeting. Short and straight forward communication.

Seek and Celebrate small victories

When you are developing a new system, it just can’t be launch after a month. Only after you launched it, there you can celebrate. No one wants to just work their minds off 24/7. Of course each one of us needs to lighten up sometimes. Instead of waiting the product launching day, have some small victory celebration. For example, when you add a unique feature on your system, celebrate for it. At least you have this mini celebration to look forward to every time you get your job done.


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