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Chapter 4 September 21, 2008

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What’s the big idea?

The vision will guide your decisions and keep you on a consistent path. A vision should be brief and concise. One sentence would be enough but it should be direct to the point. Before you start designing or coding anything you need to know the purpose of your product, the vision.

Make Mantra

Organizations need guideposts. They need an outline; employees need to know each day when they wake up why they’re going to work. This outline should be short and sweet, and all encompassing: Why do you exist? What motivates you? I call this a mantra — a three or four-word description of why you exist.

Guy Kawasaki, author (from Make Mantra)

Ignore Details Early On

Success isn’t the only thing you’ll find in the details. You’ll also find stagnation, disagreement, meetings, and delays. These things can lower the chances of your success.

Try not to focus on details too early in the process. There’s plenty of time to be a perfectionist. You can do it later. You need to begin first to fix the functionality. Make sure it works. The design part can wait.

Details reveal themselves as you use what you’re building. You’ll see what needs more attention. You’ll feel what’s missing. You’ll know which potholes to pave over because you’ll keep hitting them. That’s when you need to pay attention, not sooner.

It’s a Problem When It’s a Problem

Don’t waste time on problems you don’t have yet

For example, do not worry if you lack programmers. If you think that you need 10 programmers but the truth is your 3 programmers are quite enough since you just started. Just don’t search problems in your company’s future life, just focus on its life today.

Bottom Line: Make decisions just in time, when you have access to the real information you need. In the meanwhile, you’ll be able to lavish attention on the things that require immediate care.

Hire the Right Customers

In any business, you need to have your target market. We often hear the saying that “ the customers are always right” but the truth is that the customer is not always right. The truth is you have to sort out who’s right and who’s wrong for your app.

If you try to please everyone, you won’t please anyone

Scale Later

The bigger problem isn’t scaling, it’s getting to the point where you have to scale.

Majority of web apps are never going to reach that stage, where millions of people are using it. If that time comes, well you will have time to adjust and respond to the problem.

Create a great app and then worry about what to do once it’s wildly successful

Make Opinionated Software

“Software should be agnostic”. Software should be flexible. But it is said that the best software has a vision. When someone uses software, they are not just looking for features, they looking for an approach. And if they don’t like your software, there is plenty of software that can suit their taste. Just do remember that you should stick with your vision.

Don’t go chasing people you’ll never make happy.


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