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Chapter 1 September 10, 2008

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Getting Real

According to http://gettingreal.37signals.com/toc.php, Getting real is a smaller, faster, better way to build software. It is about skipping all the stuff that represent real and actually building the real thing. It’s cheaper. It is less in a way that less of everything that is not essential.

Getting real starts with the interface, the real screen that people are going to use. This lets us get the interface right before you get the software wrong. Basically it start backwards.

All in all, getting real delivers what the customers really need and eliminates anything that they don’t.

37 signals

37 signals is a small team that creates simple, focused software.

Basically 37 signals  build products that work smarter, feel better, allow you do things your way and it is easier to use.

Caveats, disclaimers, and other preemptive strikes

Getting Real, every now and then receive complaints. Here are responses to some complaints:

Getting Real is a system that’s worked terrifically for us. Many of these concepts have been around in one form or another for a long time. If you’re company runs on long term schedules with big team, there are still ways to get real. The first step is to have smaller units.


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